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Studying abroad should be fun and the activities we have planned are both fun and educational …

AnyTime Learning Programs are just that …. Where individuals and groups looking for opportunities to study abroad can plan a learning experience whenever their schedule permits.

Summer Programs run from May 1 thru November where the focus is on experiential learning in  subject areas such as, Maya Culture and Jungle Survival.

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Learning Opportunities in Cayo District

Cayo District is the rarest of surprises, a world class eco-tourism destination that refuses to sell out – No High-Rise Hotels here! Instead Cayo is filled with vast areas of jungle rain forest, picturesque rivers, waterfalls and caves, along with a people who embrace a remarkable cultural diversity and harmony.

Add to this a myriad of Things to Do and it’s easy to see why Cayo District  is our pick to begin your study abroad learning experience in Belize.

Belize Botanic Gardens

The 45-Acre Belize Botanic Gardens is a center for learning and provides a living classroom for tropical plant sciences, ornithology, environmental and other natural sciences.

Study abroad in Belize - Belize Botanic Garden

Belize Botanic Gardens

Make Your Study Abroad in Belize Learning Experience Exciting

Study Abroad in Belize - ATM Cave

ATM Cave

What better way to learn about the Maya then to journey on horseback or on foot to explore ancient Mayan ruins & caves or to research tropical plants in their natural environment or to spot rare and exotic birdsand other wildlife  …

Accommodations & Lodging

duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge, located 10 miles west of San Ignacio, offers a variety of accommodation options for both individuals and groups.

We invite you to experience all that Cayo has to offerWith so much variety, so close at hand, learning opportunities will seem limitless …

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