Belize Botanic Gardens

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45 acres of Native & Exotic Plants in the Cayo District …

Plants are what we are all about ! Our job is to inspire you to appreciate plants and to protect the floral bio-diversity of Belize, by existing as an information resource for the community, government, industry and science and to be a place of beauty for visitors to enjoy. Modestly speaking we offer you beautiful plants in a beautiful setting, but we’re oh! so much more.

We offer an ideal learning spot for a variety of natural sciences, where students can participate in ornamental or organic vegetable gardening classes and learn about the plants of Belize; ecology students can dissect a trumpet tree to see how ants live in harmony with this local flora; botany students can make herbarium pressings and our Mayan staff members can teach you some of the many uses of medicinal herbs and the Mayan way of life, both past and present …. just let us know what you would like to learn. 

Visitors Center

Overlooking the garden, the Visitors’ Center seats up to 75 people comfortably. This is an ideal place for holding classes, workshops and events and where evening celebrations can be held under the stars.

Garden Attractions

Rain-forest Habitat

Rain-forest Habitat

Habitats of Belize

To show visitors different Habitats of Belize, we have recreated several biomes within the gardens, including 2 designated Rain-forest areas, the Savanna Trail and Wetlands Area.

At each of these habitat areas you can learn more about the plants associated with that particular habitat … read more

Native  Plant House

Native Plant House

The Native Plant House

The native plant house is where we keep to 2 of our most important collections. On display are over 100 species of Belizean orchids. We also have on display a collection of Belizean ferns, which have been collected from the wild, throughout Belize.

The native plant house is also home to a number of other native species. Look around – you are sure to see something blooming … read more

Maya House

Maya House & Garden

Plants of the Maya

The Maya knew how to use and make all they needed from the world around them. Traditional knowledge was handed down from generation to generation as part of their cultural identity. For the Maya this meant knowing how to survive in the jungle, heal the sick, pray to the gods and make use of all that Nature provided.

Take a guided tour along the Medicine Trail and learn about some of the many useful medicinal plants still in use today … read more


Palm Area

Palm Area

Many species of palms can be found growing throughout the gardens, both natives and exotics, including a complete collection of Belizean Palms. And thanks to a grant from the International Palm Society, we have been able to add to this  collection, a well as  bring in over 2,000 school children, of all ages, for Day visits to the Garden.

See how in Belize we still use palms everyday and participate in activities like learning how to thatch a roof or construct a broom from palm-fronds … read more

“Lobster Claw” Haliconia

“Lobster Claw” Haliconia

Zingiber Alley

A short winding trail takes you through a display of gingers, heliconias and other flora. These showy plants are symbols of the tropics and their vibrant colours create the perfect photo shot.

Along the walk way you will also encounter coffee trees, xaté and other tropical gems … read more

About Conservation

A walk in the Garden

We work at encouraging sustainable agriculture, maintaining conservation collections and engaging in conservation education and promoting the use of native plants in landscape designs. Our aim is to inspire our community and visitors (this could be you!) to protect our leafy friends and their habitats, by learning more about the world of plants.

Belize Botanic Garden Tour with Judy duPlooy