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Belize Botanic Gardens

45 acres of Native & Exotic Plants in the Cayo District ...

Plants are what we are all about - Our job is to inspire you to appreciate plants and to protect the floral bio-diversity of Belize, by existing as an information resource for the community, government, industry and science and to be a place of beauty for visitors to enjoy.

Modestly speaking we offer you beautiful plants in a beautiful setting, but we're oh! so much more.

We work at encouraging sustainable agriculture, maintaining conservation collections and engaging in conservation education. Our aim is to inspire our community and visitors (this could be you!) to protect our leafy friends and their habitats, by learning more about the world of plants.


Habitats of Belize
To show visitors different Habitats of Belize, we have recreated several biomes within the gardens, including a Savanna Trail, Wetlands and Rainforest.  At each habitat you will find plants and information associated with that ecosystem.

The Native Plant House
On display are over 100 species of Belizean orchids collected from the wild. Since most of these orchids are endangered, we collect only enough specimens to preserve species. In addition, our plant house is home to many other native plant species, including a fern display Look around - you are sure to see something blooming.

Plants of the Maya
Discover plants used by the ancient Maya for ritual, medicine and daily living. The Maya knew how to make all they needed from the forests around them. This traditional knowledge was handed down generation to generation as part of their cultural identity.

Learn about useful and medicinal native plants, many of which are still used today, on our 'Plants of the Maya' Medicine trail. You'll see what plants were used for clothing, storage, tools, building, ritual and medicine. The Traditional Maya House is constructed entirely of materials gathered on the property, including sustainably harvested palm leaf for the thatched roof.

Palms of BelizePalms of Belize
Thanks to the International Palm Society you can enjoy a display of native palms and their products at the garden. There are many species of palms growing within the gardens, including a complete collection of Belizean Palms.  Students can see how, in Belize, we still use palms everyday and participate in activities like learning how to make a thatched roof or a broom from palm fronds.

Fire Tower
Check out the vista from our hill top lookout. You get a bird's eye view of the garden and surrounding hills from the top of our 25ft. fire tower. It is also a favorite spot to gaze up at the night sky if you are on a night-walk.

The tower is a part of our Mountain Pine Ridge habitat and its is an exact replica of the towers used for fire management in the Mountain Pine Ridge.

Zingiber Alley
A short winding trail takes you through a display of gingers,heliconias sterlitzia (bird-of-paradise) and aeroids. These showy plants are typical symbols of the tropics. Their vibrant colours create the perfect photo spot under this shady walk way. Belize Botanic Gardens boasts a complete collection of Belize's heliconia and ginger as well as over 50 different varieties from the world's tropics.

Bird Hide
Spy on the least grebes, black bellied whistling ducks and northern jacanas from this hideaway on the pond.

The Bird Hide is dedicated to Nita and Clarke Hamilton, who keep our Bird List up to date.

Visitors Center

Visirors Overlooking the garden, the Visitors’ Center seats up to 75 people comfortably.  This is an ideal place for holding classes, workshops and events and a place where evening celebrations can be held under the stars. 

Services for catering any event are made available through duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge. 

Take a Tour Around the Garden

Stroll Down "Zingiber Alley" with Judy duPlooy

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